A brand new style of tap rhythm music game.

Rhythm Retro is the first of it's kind to have 20 songs with 6 different gameplay modes, 14 change-able note and button themes, a class rank upgrade system, a store, and 7 gold medal achievements! After fully leveling up you can compete with other players on our online top 60 leaderboard!
Premium version now has a million retro buck cheat code! Enter this into the Enter Name Screen on the premium version only: MRRHYTHMVIRTUOSO Save and exit, then go and change your name back to whatever you want, but after you enter that in you get 1 million retro bucks!
WE HAVE COMPLETELY REMOVED ADS FROM RHYTHM RETRO! Rhythm Retro now is completely ad-free. After rigurous testing we found Ads only slow down gameplay and it takes away from the challenge of the video game itself. After much consideration we have decided to include 6 songs and 6 themes in the free version, and 20 songs and 14 themes in the full premium edition. Purchase Rhythm Retro on the play store NOW FOR ONLY $7.99CAD!

Want to use blue-tooth headphones?

With our built-in calibrate lag screen you can adjust the lag when using blue-tooth headphones or speakers, and also change the effect or music volume to whatever setting you like!


Unlock crazy unique note and button themes!

You can choose from 14 different themes once you unlock them all using hte modifier screen at the beginning of each level.

Level up your retro boosts!

Our class upgrade system includes Iron, Chrome, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum classes and each time you uprage to the next class your score and Retro Boost dureation improves!



There's nothing we didn't think of for this game! Get ready to challenge yourself! Get ready, to GO RETRO!