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Online rhythm games leaderboard's usually rely on Facebook or Google for scores. Not us! We have an in-game online leaderboard that's multi-platform!

The world's first ever multi-platform role playing rhythm game online! Classic RPG elements like an in-game store, retro buck currency, in-game online leaderboard, 6 gameplay modes and 14 note/button themes! Imagine being able to change the notes and the buttons to themes like, Ghost Traps(similar to Ghostbusters), Blippos(similar to Hungry Hungry Hippos), Ape-Brains, and Eskimo Party! Our progressive learning curve and player ranking system will blow you away! The best thing about Rhythm Retro is the game engine works on any mobile device with Android after 2014! We are also releasing it on Steam for PC Dec.10th! Both versions includes Controller, Keyboard and Touch Screen support. We are also currently in the process of translating the game into japanese so we can blow the other japanese rhythm games out of the water as well!

Feature Details:

- 20 songs with 6 gameplay modes each: normal, reversed, hyper, hyper-rev, ultra and ultra-rev!
- 14 change-able note and button custom designed themes!
- 7 gold medal achievements!
- 6 player upgrade ranks: iron, chrome, bronze, silver, gold and platinum!
- Share ranks on Facebook!
- Enter name screen with profanity filter
- Volume settings including calibration for blue-tooth
- Keyboard controls for Blue-stack players
- Online leaderboard with the top-60 hi-scores for each song
- In-Game store for unlocking content!

Rhythm Retro was designed by a user for the user and our vintage graphics look amazing. Get ready to blow your mind with 3 speeds and horizontal note-flips! This game rocks!
Get ready to GO RETRO! NOW ONLY $3.99CAD on the
Google Play or Amazon Store!

See more designs from Rhythm Retro at Deviantart.com!

Monkey-Brain Polka

Creativity is in our

Stunning visuals complimented by a more than perfect functionality creates a gaming atmosphere everyone can love! Purchase themes and modes in the store!
PERFECT every song to get the hidden million dollar cheat code!

We think out of the

Our player ranking system creates a competitive scale of hi-scores so anyone who wants to be the best has to earn it! You must complete at least 50% of the game by getting 3 stars on all 20 songs in 3 gameplay modes. Game play mode completions are rewarded with retro bucks, 3 star gold medals, and experience points that level up your player so you can multiply your RETRO-BOOST power and DESTROY your competitors or just have fun with friends!

Player Ranking Upgrades

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